Hi! My name is Hunter Walker and I am an investigative reporter and author based in Brooklyn, New York.

I work for TPM. Earlier this year, I co-wrote the New York Times bestselling book “The Breach: The Untold Story of the Investigation into January 6th.” I have spent the last decade reporting on politics including stints as a White House correspondent and inside the infamous “Room 9” in New York’s City Hall. My work has appeared in a wide variety of publications including Rolling Stone, the New Yorker, Yahoo News, Business Insider, New York Magazine, Gawker, the Village Voice, and the websites of Vanity Fair and The Atlantic, among others. Before diving into the political swamps, I worked in the Hollywood gossip trenches.

This newsletter has been focused on original political reporting. There is still going to be a lot of that, but I am broadening its focus for the time being to include, well, whatever I want!

It’s going to be a bit of a free-for-all for the time being. It is also completely free. If I ever begin charging again, I plan to give at least three weeks’ notice.

New issues will come straight to your inbox. You can also log in to the website to read the full archives and other posts as they are published. Founding members will unlock even more exclusive events and content. 

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Reporting live from Brooklyn.